Imperfection Personality

Talk about disapointment, where did it come from? Hope.

You see, when you get to know someone and considered them as your rokkap (soulmate, Batak language. red.) you can’t help but hoping that he/she qualified as your ideal. And yes, you must have an ideal criteria for men/women that you like. Physics, attitude, wealthness, and so on. But hey how if you can’t met someone that perfect, i mean you CAN’T met someone as perfect as you expected. Trust me, everything has flaws. It is includes you and me too.

Knowing and understanding that your mate is human-which is imperfect, is rather important. You can easily avoid stupid provoking useless question like “Why can’t you be like xyzabc?”. There are incapability to accept someone there, or something haven’t met your expectation. Its not that i reccomend not to hope, since hope brings life and move objects, and yourself forward. By understanding your mate is human, you can estimate the ability to achieve something, and what kind effort you need to do. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, but then again, nothing is instant.

Understanding that no one is perfect is also bring to easy forgiveness. Try it.. 🙂

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