After Dark

Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M – How I Met Your Mother

Scientifically is because your liver is working. Dude, your body is full of poison from what you dong daily. And if you still wake up after 2 AM, it’s just only make your liver work harder.

And no, this post was not typed after 2 AM, it is before 2 AM. So i am fine. LOL

After night comes, lots of  interesting thing happens. And yes, i had one just now. Universe may have playing prank on me, or maybe it just want to tell me something. Nevertheless i still thank for what happen tonight for people involved in it, and for universe for letting it happen to me.

I’d like to write about it, but its already 2 AM. I think i’m gonna hit the hay.

PS: Dear readers, everything will be write down when the time comes. So enjoy your curiosity =p

All good things take time – @tlvi

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