#2 Second Thought, Second Opinion

Its three in the afternoon, rain, and i’m doing my work. Instead, i pause and write this.

A Brainstorm


The Lost Words
is what mostly happen when i thought “I might write this” while i’m in a train on my way home.  Surely enough, those ideas, letters, words, just vanish and i ended up watching anime in my computer. Regretful. 


I just thought that concept of pacaran fails me. Where people have this tanggal jadian, anniversary, and things to celebrate. Honestly, what is needed to celebrate is you guys who fell in love each other. Without needing any certain occasion.

It is not even wrong to just text “Hey, makan malem yuk di ____” when there is no special occasion. You just want to meet him/her in some nice place and nice food. That’s all.

secondly, about Ikrar Jadian. I did this, two years ago. i’m not saying this was stupid or else, but. just think about this sentence for a minute or two
“Do you really need a bind of oath, word, promise or a “iya gua mau jadi pacar lo” to love each other?”

If the answer is yes, then you might be asking the wrong person. A simple “Gua sayang elo” dibalas “gua juga” and a hug would suffice. If you want some drama, mbrebes mili  will do.

“Tapi ntar kan nggak ada yang di rayain”
Do you need a lover, or something to celebrate? We have many, many special occasion through out the year, including World Toilet Day. So, why bother bound by a date. Stick to the year for reminder, not too specific i guess.


A concept where most of us are missing the point. I think.

Entering my mid 20s, it is not hard to get asked “Kapan Nikah?“, well dude patient. It is me who will be married, not you. The anxiety of not getting a pasangan hidup when your age closing to 30s is a fearsome terror *for our parents i think, since they will get questioned by the society about why their son/daughter have not marry yet* and the terror is passed to us, you, me.

Marriage is not a must, it is a choice. Whether one would take it or leave it. it is also not a social image of jomblo ngenes or tingkat kelakuan dengan lawan jenis. Seriously,

Most of us ended with “daripada nggak ada yang nikahin“, i mean, SERIOUSLY?
It is not the marriage i’m worried about, it was the reason.

Yet, the terror will continue to strike, just brace yourself.


What is the most frightening thing beside your mother’s wrath?
Your date, texting a light smile behind a short sentence. it may have meaning, it may have not. and if you missed it, more likely you’re doomed or will getting more of these “:)”


“Faith:  It won’t give you all of the answers, but it sure will stop you from asking further questions.” – Frater Ravus

I found that quote earlier this day, it is intriguing i think. Even more, if we discussed about existence of god. but hey, not here and now. that is a heavy one.

Simple thing, do you need a proof when you have a faith? No.


a forester could say this line when asked, what are you doing for living.
“I’m making sure that you could still breath fresh air”

it is cool, right?

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