Files Don’t Get Deleted

When you enter delete command, the hard drive doesn’t actually remove the file. What is actually removed is the pointer that tells in which sector the file is being stored

And so does heart…

That was came across my mind yesterday, when I was stumbling around World Wide Web to find a software that reduce the chance of people recovering certain file. It was for my boss actually, perhaps he had something so classified and he wanted it removed, completely. There are many testimonials that even after doing a secured deletion, a well-established (and expensive) data restoring service might have chance to restore the data. I imagine, unless my boss had some file that CIA Classified level, no one would pay that much to recover his data. So I assume, the application is usable. (The app name is File Shredder, btw).

What comes next is exactly out of context, it is similar with the way we, human, always wanted able to do –or so I read couple times everywhere– that if one just could erase, delete, someone from their past, mind, heart, it would be much, much more easier. With knowing deleting file is not actually removing the file, then previous statement is then rejected.

You cannot just erase people, forget people the way we wanted. It’s just cruel. The pain itself not even representing the cruelty of one erasing (or willing to erase) certain people from their life. (Go watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to get the picture of one being deleted). We even, perhaps, not wanting to even think to erase. But when the pain get real, we tend to get rid the pain as soon as possible, just because is less uncomfortable to us, to you, to me.

But what if, you just lost an opportunity to create another miracle in your dull life by erasing one that used to be matter to you the most? It’s just like finding an old useless file in your hard drive and just go nostalgic with that (yes, this would not happen if you delete the file, no?)

There are always laughter to be shared, after pain that you have. It might take a while, but just be patient.

Time doesn’t heal, you do. Be human.

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