Should I Migrate to Android?

Why Android?


Actually, if you have budget to afford an iPhone it will be easier.

In 2010, there was smartphone booming in my circle. I don’t know how it started, but it not take a long time for people to migrate from feature phone to blackberry. Back then, i was a student, a college student. The point of interest of blackberry back then was the BlackBerry Messengger. To be honest, till this moment i still think that BlackBerry is the most powerful texter, ever. Period.

Time flies, trend changes. Most of the communication that shared between small circles went large and larger. Twitter then get famous, and there was Whatsapp born to compete as the multi-platform messengger. And then there is Instagram booming, and Path, and Temple Run, and many many more happening phenomenon in smartphone device.

The problem arises, the BlackBerry is developed as heavy texter, email, messengger. It was not designed as entertainment device. Look at the size of the screen, its small. It emphasis keyboard, and the physical keyboard experience. I do think that the keyboard of blackberry is one amazing feature. the shape, the contour, it is designed very well to ensure comfort. Meanwhile, some of the BlackBerry user demand the entertainment feature, and blackberry can’t fulfill.

Logically speaking, the most reasonable way is migrate. But after few years using blackberry you will be somehow attached to the hectic information surge on the BlackBerry messengger. The one that you cannot get when you migrate to Android. If you can get a yellow legal pad, and write down the plus and minus, perhaps what you will get is BlackBerry Messengger in plus side, and some other inconvinience that you encounter in your daily life on the minus side.

BlackBerry has one super reliable office services. Problem is, most of us don’t need it yet. Not on our level of neccesities. My email has no value, and there is no difference if it get read by other people somewhere someplace before me. I don’t need my message encrypted, its not a national security level of importance. I need entertainment, big screen for gaming or playing video, meanwhile still can provide me with push email, and social media, and at the same time, i need a reasonable price. Apple product wasn’t one.


In my opinion, Android is getting better. Three years ago, when i bought my first Android OS operated device (It was Donut/1.5) the only positive side for having an Android is you can tweak your phone, and push mail. I have one rarely online friend in my GTalk, and there was only few Whatsapp user on that time. You can’t have heavy news stream via twitter (twitter was not hype yet in my circle), and the spesification was not so good for multitasking.

Three years later, i almost bound my life to Google Service. I list my activity using Google Task, arrange my schedule via Google Calendar, write my note using Google Keep, i put files in Google Drive. I even ask direction to Google Maps. In present time, we have Google Now, where everything is simplified in one interface.

Is it helping me? A Lot.


If you really don’t think you are that attached to BlackBerry services, you can consider to migrate. The monthly fee is cheaper too. OH, and if you have a reasonable amount of money to buy an iPhone, just buy one. that product is way more friendly that android in User Interface and User Experience.

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  1. Nice share
    I’ve tried iPhone, blackberry and android
    IPhone is the easiest phone ever.
    BlackBerry is the fastest messenger and email client
    Android is the complicated phone, but I enjoy it
    Choose what you need

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