Why I Consider to Do Cellular Migration

I’ve been using Indosat since i was studying in college, or even later. I was using Indosat Multi Media Mobile or also known as IM3. This was the best operator that fit into my lifestyle back then, since i was a heavy texter. Back then, there was no IM such as WhatsApp, LINE, KakaoTalk, or even BBM and i rarely use voice calls, let alone MMS service. I text people, when they need me they’ll call.

Indosat offered SMS Package priced at IDR 25,000 worth of 1,666 SMS to every local cellular operator (premium SMS service is not included). To use this service there is no 3G/HSPA/EDGE/2G signal required, people just need to know that they are within the Indosat coverage area and their signal strength is sufficient. When the trend switched to IM messaging using data services, i personally thought that Indosat still provides best bang for buck package. Back then, they offer IDR 50,000 for 500MB FUP Unlimited (Fair Usage Policy) per month.

Lately, the mobile internet grows, people no longer use phone only for text and call, but many other needs and require more data traffic–to someway that i never imagined before (ok, this might be a bit exaggerating). The cellular carrier increased their offerings with relative similar price package. With twitter, facebook, path, numerous of blogs and articles read per day, cat videos, uploading images, videos, vines, accessing youtube, email, and plethora other things i do in my smartphone, I live more and more in 3G/HSPA coverage rather than 2G/EDGE. I even set my phone locked to 3G/WCDMA signal, so that it wont go back and forth to 2G coverage just to assure that i get the fastest possible mobile data connection. My mobile lifestyle has changed.

By definition, mobile similar to moving. Means i don’t stay in one place to get a great cellular reception. IM3 is good, fast, and reliable, but not in several important place that i have daily stayed in, such as my room and few train stations that i had to pass each morning and afternoon in the work days. I get none to one bar 3G/HSPA signal reception inside my room. Even though i only spent my nights on the work days, it is still vital since i do check tweets or contacting my friends over the IM, or simply watching the youtube that i bookmarked previously. Other problem that surfaced when i went through a blank coverage area during my commuting hours. It was not long, but it is disturbing enough to assure me to switch carrier. (Imagine yourself watching a good youtube video and then you went trough the blank coverage area, yep it is annoying).

Estimate of blank spot area around University of Indonesia Railway Station, represented by the dark circle
Several 3G/HSDPA blank spot near my house. larger spot represent poor indoor HSPA/3G coverage

Nowadays, Indosat offers you 1.5 GB Quota usage with bandwidth up to 7.2 Mbps and one month active time for IDR 49,000. It is pretty much the same with XL Axiata, They offer you same quota usage for the same price at the similar bandwidth for and the similar active period. I prefer the quota package rather than the unlimited because they limit your speed when using the unlimited one, Speed wins, LOL.

So i decided to give XL Axiata a trial period for a week or so, to see the performance of this carrier supporting my data needs through out the day. I have been using this operator for 4 days now, and the performance overall is good. I haven’t met any blank coverage area during my commuting hours, but i still need more days and few testing to be sure. (there are one or two more location that i want to survey for its signal coverage just to be sure).

Below are some screen capture for the speed in various area that was (are?) covered by Indosat blank spots.

Everything around us is evolving to a better use for a living, including carrier choices. Maybe, you should do too.

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  1. I have been using XL for mobile internet since February 2012 and the experience has been mainly good. Of course, there are some complaints but the performance/price ratio is hard to beat. Their coverage is decent here.

    1. Thank you for the backup commentary, and thank you for the visit.
      The downsides i’ve been encountred these couple of days were there is no extra package to choose when the usage quota ran out. Rarely happen, but a good feature from competitor.

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