Been a while since the last time i wrote about the Redmi 1s, no? Well, the truth is that i’ve been busy… Studying. As cliché as it gets, it’s true (yeah, I’m trying to convince you here, dear readers). Starting 6 months ago, i enrolled in the Graduate Program of Management and Business. Why a business school you say? I have to spent an entire post for that story only, while i don’t have the luxury for that, at least not at this moment. But i have college related post to be read. How about that?

You see, as you use twitter everyday, especially in Jakarta (or Jabodetabek, if you may). You must have encountered a product related tweet sent from one of the buzzers, may it about goods or services. Those tweets might annoy you at some point, and you, then, turned out blocking them from appearing in your timeline. Timeline distraction aside, that tweet is a form of marketing. And like it or not, you are a consumers. You buy stuffs or services from people. Is that so nice? (pun intended, can’t help it).

In a lecture from 20th January, 2015, Prof. Ujang Sumarwan quoted Kotler:

an organisational function to create, communicate, and convey values to customers and also to keep relation with customer using various ways which may provide benefits to organisation and stakeholders.

Or in other words: marketing means selling products to you, dear consumers, so that you buy that product. You, then, might get the value of the product and the producers get the revenue. Economy!

One day, you maybe wonder, why would a product informed to you more than one time even when you don’t need it? (Yes, telemarketers, i’m talking about you). The thing is, and this is what my lecturer explained at the class, is that among four major activities of an organisation or a company; i.e. operational, financial, human resource management, and marketing, the only activity that gives revenue, is… Yep, Marketing. So, yeah. You may get bored, or annoyed even, having calls from unfamiliar numbers in various time, or get your TV hours cut just for a commercial brake, or getting a pop-up ads in your frequently used app in your smartphone, That is the company trying to sell their product and maybe, just maybe, that one of thousands of people that getting the ads is buying their product and give them money.

But, hey. Consumers change, right? I mean, we can always neglect that one annoying brand and get the other similar product when a good or service need popped up in our mind when we saw an ad. As consumers behavior change, marketing concept is changing too. There is a theory of marketing mix used for companies to obtain their objective. Initially this marketing mix was called 4P, Product, Place, Price, Promotion. This concept then developed to 4P+3P, marketing started to consider about People, Physical Evidence, and Process. This brought a new dawn to marketing concept. Do you remember that Garuda Frequent Flyer Card? or that Starbucks Pre-Paid Card that gives you an extra free cup in certain times? That is “People” and “Physical Evidence” concept of marketing trying to get you to buy their product. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Another story shared by Prof. USA (he said that we may refer him using that, so…), about tourist visit and how a particular country, or rather countrymen giving service as a part of marketing activity. Indonesia has a decent number of tourists visiting South Korea for sometime now. We have become such a potential buyer so that we can buy a product using Rupiahs. Even in some store, they shout using Indonesian to promote their product. The producers specifically targets Indonesian (and knowingly certain that we are potential buyers), so that they gave us a speciality. Awesome, for some point, yes. Until you realise how much money you’ve spent. LOL

Attention for customer in marketing is now even more seriously managed. In twitter, for example, we can get a response from customer care team within a minute for any trouble may hinder us from using their service or products. You can get a various response (and reputation) regarding the response team in this 2.0 era. XL Axiata has @XL123 team responding as fast as possible any trouble customer gets while Nike Indonesia has that @Nike account which have not responded to any tweet regarding #BajakJKT fiasco last month. The customer’s voice is sound in social media, and many believe that it can impact a company’s revenue.

Each of the aforementioned marketing mix actually gives impact to a company’s revenue if managed seriously. However, in this era, caring for customer sometimes provide companies a free mouth-to-mouth advertisement. This, i believe, is the most powerful form of marketing.

This post is about a marketing class held in 20th January, 2015 by Prof. USA. He wrote several books up to this moment. His newest book (2015), “Pemasaran Strategic: Perspektif Perlilaku Konsumen dan Marketing Plan” is written in Indonesia and can be freely downloaded here.



In 2010, he also wrote a book called “Strategic Marketing: Strategy for Corporate Growth and Share Holder Value”. This book was written with few other colleauges and is in Indonesian. Unfortunately, there is no free download available for now.


Another book written by Prof. USA is titled “Pemasaran Strategik – Strategi Untuk Pertumbuhan Perusahaan”. Similar to the previous book, the author has not give us any free downloadable digital copy for this book either.




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