What Was The Deal With Fountain Pen?

I have to have a good pen to write, even if sometimes I don’t write much. Since middle high, I insisted myself to have a good writing tools. It’s just that my allowance didn’t cut for anything fancier than basic ballpoint. Sad. Also, I lacked knowledge in proper pens, the internet and information wasn’t quite like today. Fast forward to college, and I find myself writing using Hi-Tec from Pilot. I spent few months using this pen before I switched back to whatever-cheap-gel-pen that I can find. Mostly because I lost my pens too many times, show-through, and feathering. Although, it is only later I know that it wasn’t the Hi-Tec fault. The paper I used back then actually didn’t good enough.

My journey to find the perfect pen resumed when I stumbled on article in Pen Addict about Uni-Ball Jetstream. The writer said that it was their go-to pen for everything. Given the site’s name and their abundant posts about pen, Jetstream has to be something amazing. And it was. I buy two Jetstreams complete with several refills to last me a while, well at least that’s the plan. Being ‘just a pen’ didn’t solve the losing problem. Naming didn’t help either. This condition worsened by declining stock of Jetstream in Kinokuniya, Jakarta. There was a new Jetstream model, but in my defense it wasn’t as good as the previous.

“It probably has to be expensive enough for other to the point they hesitate to borrow” I mumbled. But then it’s pretty hard to justify a hefty price tag in a pen, no? I recall that this was about the same with increasing number of post about calligraphy in my Twitter timeline. This inspired me to search a little bit about inked pen, the fountain pen.

After few videos on YouTube, I learned that this pen is different, e.g there is a specific way to hold it so it would write, not every paper was fountain pen friendly, it will need a small maintenance, and it’s not cheap to start with. I spent about 350k IDR and few months to boot and adjust with Sheaffer 100, a bottle of Sheaffer black ink, and a Kokuyo notebook. But that changed a lot of things. I stop losing my pen (because people were reluctant to borrow my pen. Later, I stock a pen or two for borrowing purposes, but also cease to lost. Amazing) and I also find that writing on paper is pleasing, calming.

Hoping a fountain pen can last you a long time is somewhat a long shot. The starter you buy might last a long time, your desire to have a new fancier fountain pen is another thing. I developed an urge to have another one few months after being adjusted to my starter. I want something that can flex, something that’s not basic. Something beautiful. Or rather something beautiful and meet my budget. I still want to have the Pilot Falcon (or Elabo), try other brands’ mid and high end range of pens, and also try to write in various types of paper!

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