So I Made Shrimp Oil

There is this YouTube video of Alex’s, a French guy, cooking, and recording it, for people to watch. Sometimes, he also give tips about cooking, or food. Also, he likes ramen, a lot. I saw this particular video about creating flavor oil (in his case, probably in the continuation for his ramen series). Anyway, the other day, i have to skin handful of shrimp at my part-time job. All of a sudden, i remember this video and thought “probably i should try to make some shrimp oil…”
So, i did.

The Making

I didn’t really measure anything to a fine detail for few reasons: 1) It was already 1 AM in the morning, 2) Its a trial, 3) Why on earth should i measure thing up to details for things that are not pastries?

I started with two bottles of canola oil, about tablespoon of ginger paste, and enough shrimp skin. How much is enough? Well, to put it briefly, it covers entire surface of the oil and more. Well, this was probably too much, though. Turn on stove, use a low heat, put in the ginger paste and shrimp skin, and fry for about 15 minutes, probably. I was washing dishes too, actually, i don’t time it.

The shrimp skin was about that much (16cm pan btw)

After a while, i turn off the gas, strain the oil into the bottles, wrap up everything, and that is it. Pretty easy and to the point actually.

There are few things to note, though. Alex mentioned in the video about using a neutral oil. In my case, i used Canola Oil. But should you happen to not to have those laying around, the usual vegetable oil would do. Don’t worry. He also used thin giinger slabs in the video, but since i have no whole ginger at that time, ginger paste should to its part.

I actually wondered how the oil would taste, so i took a sip after the oil cools down a bit. But i didn’t get much flavor from it. Then, i made a cup of shōyu and dashi mixture and a tablespoon of this oil. It. was. amazing. Instantly, i grabbed several chunk of chicken meat and mizuna and made some kind of midnight soup. Took a picture, but it was blurry. Worse, realised the picture was blurry after the soup as already gone. LOL.

It. Was. Amazing


Like what Alex said in his video, the oil can be easily used to upgrade your ramen experience. Or any instant noodle experience, probably. I’ve been thinking for other applications too, such as miso soup or seafood fried rice, or maybe porridge. The miso soup probably would taste pretty similar from the mock up midnight soup i created, but i don’t know about the fried rice part.

It’s so easy to make and helpful to have lying around. You can store it in the refrigerator for quite some times. Cheers.

PS: Here’s the video, if you interested into more types of oil he made:

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